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Banana Yogurt Pancakes

Banana pancakes aren’t anything new or innovative. I imagine them to be in the same camp as your go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe or the stir fry you make once a week. They are a classic and accepted addition to any breakfast menu. But, like with any template-type recipe, there are numerous ways to spice them up.

These pancakes use whole grain spelt flour, an old favorite of mine. I like it because it’s much more easily adaptable to recipes that use all-purpose or whole wheat flour (as opposed to other alternative flours), and it’s lower in gluten than regular wheat. My belly is happy to receive it. I also think it has a sweeter side than whole wheat; it isn’t as grainy and heavy, rather much lighter and more accommodating to assertive flavors. Any kind of fruit works well with spelt. 

I added some yogurt to the batter as well, in place of milk and other liquid ingredients. It makes them especially puffy and filling, and kind of gives you the feeling that you’ve shoved a complete breakfast into a pancake. Which is great, if you make these on a lazy Sunday morning as I did.



3 ripe bananas 2 eggs 2 T. maple syrup (if you like the batter sweeter, feel free to add more) 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt (or more, if the batter is too thick) 2 cups whole spelt flour 1/4 cup milled golden flaxseed 1 tsp. baking soda pinch of salt butter for the griddle sliced bananas, almonds, and cinnamon, for garnish

– In a blender, puree bananas, eggs, maple syrup and yogurt.

– In a large bowl, combine flour, flax, baking soda and salt.

– Preheat a large griddle or pan over medium flame. Rub with butter.

– Pour liquid ingredients into dry ingredients and gently fold together, just until combined. Don’t overwork the batter, as spelt is delicate.

– Cook pancakes by 1/4 cup on preheated griddle, flipping when bubbles form on the surface and the edges are lightly golden. Cook for about 2 minutes on the other side.

– Top with sliced bananas, almonds, cinnamon and more maple syrup.


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