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This month, I’m sweet on yams

In this month’s column, I’m spicing things up Autumn-style with one of my favorite vegetables. We see a lot of orange-hued foods this time of year, from pumpkin to butternut squash and persimmons. But if you ask me, one particularly underutilized root is the sweet potato (or yam, depending on who you ask).

Rich in vitamin C, B6, potassium, and vitamin A (beta carotene), yams provide ample fiber and have reportedly been used in Chinese medicine. They are rather starchy and filling, which I find excellent for times when I’m craving an inappropriate amount of bread. Whether or not this happens to you too, I’m confident that a good chunk of sweet potato will satisfy even the neediest sweet tooth. I can’t offer you a money-back guarantee, but try it on for size and let me know.

Head on over to the Town Crier to read all about my recent baking adventure with yams, where you’ll find this scrumptious coffee cake recipe to boot!

Reader Comments (2)

I love sweet potatoes but I’ve never really eaten yams before. Do you have your recipe for this? I love how you presented the yams. They look so delicious.

Oh gosh, I LOVE YAMS!!! They are the BEST! 😀

October 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKathleen

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