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Hi, I’m Sarah.

Student, passionate cook, compulsive baker, and lover of all things delicious. 

I spend my days in San Francisco and my nights in an apron.

If I’m not on campus or in the kitchen, you’ll most likely find me outdoors enjoying the fresh air, or awake before dawn with a hot cup of tea.

The Chocolate Fig was born about a year ago as a place to store the easy recipes I made each day and my thoughts about them. It has since morphed into a learning tool, a blank canvas, a creative outlet, a diary, and a real piece of me. The name has meaning in a literal sense, as chocolate and figs are my two favorite things to eat, but also figuratively: Figs represent my inclination towards health, my love for natural foods, the homegrown and seasonal parts of much of my cooking. Chocolate refers to my sweet tooth, my little everyday indulgence, my obsession with any and all dessert. I’m a fan of well-roundedness.

Here, you will find a little of both; health and indulgence. I strive to create and share delicious vegetarian recipes that are not only good for us, but kind to the planet and our communities as well.

 This blog is about food, yes, but it’s also about life and where the two intersect. My posts are the pages of my journal, and I’ve opened them to you.

:: Feel free to contact me: thechocolatefig [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to hear from you! :: Photos– Unless otherwise noted, they are my own. Please do not reproduce any content without permission and appropriate attribution. Much appreciated 🙂

“Eating is about loving yourself enough to honor your temple. It’s about respect for the person who was gracious enough to loan it to you.”